Speidell Monuments has a wide variety of personal and commercial monument services. Click each one to read more detail and see photos of completed pieces.


Cemetery MonumentCemetery grave markers are the primary means of memorialization of the life of a loved one. Stand-up monuments consisting of one or more pieces of granite or marble standing vertically, available in a limitless variety of shapes, colors and designs. Some of the more popular colors of granite for headstones and markers are red, gray, brown, jet black, and even green. There is nothing as enduring as a granite cemetery monument to mark the grave of a loved one. Granite memorial headstones have been used throughout history to mark the graves of world leaders to the most common person.


Slant Monuments are a classic way to create a fitting memorial. They are crafted from granite and are traditionally lower to the ground than dies and can be set directly on the cemetery footer at ground level or atop a base. These are available in a variety of colors and styles. The inclined inscription surface not only contributes to the prominence of the inscription, but also, unlike the flat or flush marker it sheds the rainfall and nature, which keeps it clean. This type of marker is singularly appropriate in association with a family memorial or as a single or double grave marker.

Flat & Bevel Markers

Granite markers are flat memorials. Also known as grass markers or flush markers, these memorials come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You will typically see a rectangular marker due to most cemetery regulations. Speidell Monuments offers a nearly endless selection of designs from which to choose, from elaborate to simple. These granite markers are like a flat canvas where an artist can engrave any kind of design into them. Granite comes in many varieties and textures to provide long lasting beauty in a marker.

Bronze Markers

Bronze MarkerBronze cemetery markers are flat memorials set on granite bases. Names, dates and inscriptions are cast raised in bronze on the markers. You have the option of ordering the grave marker with or without a bronze vase as part of the bronze memorial. Each bronze cemetery marker is unique and is hand crafted by skilled artisans who work and turn the cast, hard metal into personalized tributes in bronze.

Veterans & Civic Memorials

Veteran MemorialSpeidell Monuments is an expert in designing and installing Veteran Memorials and War Memorials. We will consult with you from project start to finish on all aspects and issues including, design and size, lettering & engraving, site preparation and fundraising. We will help you bring your vision for honoring the brave, the courageous and fallen heroes to fruition through expert planning, design and fabrication.


Bench memorials are a weather resistant and durable way to create a memorable tribute. Besides being a unique and functional memorial, granite benches can add elegance to any business or garden setting. Settings for these benches include government institutions, schools, hospitals, churches, colleges, cemeteries, open space parks or private memorial gardens. Speidell Monuments has many varieties of benches to choose from.


VaseWe offer a variety of graveside vases perfect for memorials with flowers. Granite and metal vases are a wonderful addition to any cemetery granite headstone or gravestone. Both granite and metal vases come with a weep hole to drain water. We offer a wide variety and can custom make vases to fit your specific needs.


Commercial & City Signs

City MonumentsSpeidell Monuments has extensive experience creating high quality, sturdy, stone monument signs for city and commercial use. This type of custom signage provides an impactful and memorable impression on viewers. We can duplicate company information or craft unique city information in virtually any size, font combination and color. This type of sign can enhance the entrances of developments and subdivisions.

Brick & Granite Fundraisers

Brick & Granite FundraisersBrick & Granite fundraising can be an elegant way for people to support a cause and be memorialized for their generosity. Personalized engraved brick or granite can be installed in walkways, plazas, indoor corridors and on vertical walls. Organizations and charities can offer a low-priced way for people to inexpensively help raise money for your organization. Brick & granite fundraising has no upfront costs and there won’t be any leftover inventory. In addition, a brick & granite fundraiser can be ongoing for years to come if you so desire. The end result will be an everlasting tribute from your donors to your organization.

Yard Markers

Our decorative yard markers are the perfect addition to your outdoor landscaping. Add value and curb appeal to your home with these simple additions. Brighten up your driveway, front porch, or backyard with patio furniture and other decorative accents to create an outdoor space perfect for entertaining. Yard markers are also a great solution to memorialize your pet. Create the fitting tribute for them with an engraved stone marker.