Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when selecting a Monument Builder?

A locally owned business that produces your memorial locally, by skilled craftsman. Members of the Monuments Builders of North America. A display where you may view a selection of memorials in different sizes, colors, materials, finishes, and styles, with prices clearly marked. A firm were there are no telephone solicitations. Personnel with the ability to listen…to counsel…to help you create a monument that will commemorate your loved one. Don’t feel pressured to buy from a cemetery or mortuary.

What Is Memorialization?

Memorialization is the art of commemorating the lives of those loved, revered and respected. In all civilizations and generations, it has been desired to remember loved ones by erecting monuments. From pyramids to Indian burial mounds, public memorials such as Mt. Rushmore to simple private memorials, the creation of a monument has been the most common form of remembrance. A monument should last forever and the purchase of one should be made unhurriedly, with great care and consideration.

Do you keep records of previous family members, so that I can get the same monument for my father? I have pictures that I could email.

We do have many years worth of records, which can be utilized to duplicate a monument. Even without the original record, there are other means to identify the size, granite color and design in order to duplicate a marker. Photographs are very helpful. Please contact our office so we can look into this matter for you. Thank you for your inquiry.

I would like to have a poem included on my mother’s monument. How much will fit on it?

Many times the size of the memorial needed is determined by what customers wish to have either lettered or carved or both. There are physical limitations as to what can be put into a certain amount of space; however, most basic information and carving can be accomplished on traditional size memorials.

What are some ideas for personalizing a monument?

Memorial Portrait Medallions are a beautiful way to personalize a monument. The photo medallions are ceramic and made through a computerized process from your original photo. They are available in color or black & white. Laser etchings are another option. Personal portraits, vehicles, hobbies or aerial homestead views are very popular. Scripture and poems are also frequently added as a way to express the life of a loved one.

I am looking for a small yard marker but I don’t like the ones made of limestone. Can you make anything like this using another type of stone?

Yes. We have granite yard markers, which can be personally customized. Examples include displaying your family name, house number or use it as a welcome sign or pet marker. We utilize granite as it is more durable than limestone and will not erode away. What better way to distinguish and identify your residence than to “carve it in stone” with a quality granite yard marker. Stop by our showroom today to design your own granite yard marker.

If I purchase a monument now, can it be completed by Memorial Day?

It depends whether you purchase an item in stock or a specialty item that must be ordered. Granite shipments can take up to 120 days for receipt. If you have a specific timeline for completing a monument, select an in stock item and discuss your timeline with our memorial counselor. Cemetery schedules and weather also impact how quickly a monument can be completed. Now is the time to purchase for Memorial Day.

How much does a monument cost?

The price of your memorial is affected by several variables. Most people are not aware that the color of the stone will have a dramatic effect on the price. This is because each color comes from different quarries from literally around the world. Labor and transportation costs vary greatly from one area to the next and these factors impact the price of granite. Naturally size and finish also play a role in the final cost. We have markers and monuments available to fit any budget.

What factors should I consider when purchasing a monument?

  • Granite quality is very important. The quality, cut and polish of the granite will determine the longevity and appearance of the monument for decades to come.
  • Work with an experienced firm who has a proven reputation in the industry and are members of the National Monument Builders Association of North America. When you purchase a monument/memorial from an MBNA member, you are assured of ethical, honest business practices from someone who is committed to his industry and art. The majority of members are multi-generational memorialists who have learned the exact art of stone carving from their fathers and grandfathers. Remember; always look for the MBNA name and logo.
  • Quality workmanship. Skilled, local craftsmen using state of the art equipment perform our work.
  • Size, color, monument shape and design play a vital role in establishing the price of a monument. We have styles and materials to accommodate every taste and budget.